22 May 2013

What's True on the Ground...

...is equally true in the air.

Walking Crocker-Amazon this windy morning, my wife and I noticed the sky was crossed by a number of long, thin clouds. The whole group of them must have been a few miles wide and many miles deep. When I told my non-artist wife that the clouds were in fact parallel, I blew her mind, man.  By which I mean, she thought I was full of shit.

But then I got her to think of a huge railyard with the tracks running toward her. "They would look fanned-out too, even though they're really parallel."

At this point, she conceded, yielding to my mighty powers of suggestion. I bet you're thinking of a huge railyard right now. Last night's clam spaghetti? Summer vacation. Someone whose name starts with B?



David Fung said...

haha good one, John.

great. now i'm thinking of pizza. random associations indeed.

Ashish D. Joshi said...

That is indeed awesome !

Bink MMX said...

Thanks, fellows! Yeah that doesn't sound too random! Happy Birthday, David.

Bink MMX said...
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