28 March 2009

Fightin' Assignment 8

Homework #8
Complete 1 line drawing in good proportion (approx 8 heads).

(This drawing will have two more stages: adding clothes and adding background. So plan your space accordingly)

Your drawing must show two people in hand to hand combat. Your characters may be engaged in a fist fight, a play fight, brawl or wrestling match. There should be no weapons involved. Poses should feel authentic and have movement. Identify the general thrust/line of action to your attacking and defensive poses.
Your characters should be drawn without clothes.
You may use reference as inspiration for the pose you choose but make your drawing in different perspective from your source.

This drawing should be roughly 10" x 10", neat with strong simple contour lines.
Take the time you need to perfect the anatomy, proportion and foreshortening of various body parts. When finished set your drawing aside and reassess it the next day.