26 January 2011

Grid and Bear It

Welcome, you all, to a new semester of Drawing from the Imagination, and to the blog devoted to this class. This might be one of the more intense classes you take at the Academy, so let me know how I can make it easier to do all that sweet, painful learning.
Here's something that will help with our third session, when part of our classwork will be to draw a grid for two-point perspective: Link to a pdf.


P.S.: An important reminder: The Academy allows very few excuses for late work or missing class. I think it may just be funeral travel and trips to the doctor. Check your student manual. I am going to be following those rules very closely. This, because the line has to be drawn somewhere in order to treat everybody fairly and because I don't want to have to doubt the authenticity of a sob story. Without a written verifiable doctor's note or proof of a loved one's passing and your travel to the funeral, for example, I will not be excusing late work or absence.

So if you really want to take a mental health day from class, take it. Take it and pay for it, with the loss of a week's learning, an F on the week's work (unless you email it to me on the day due). It's much better to show up and turn in something, even if you are not proud of it.

There is no extra credit, only redoing of earlier on-time assignments.

18 January 2011

Facial Expression

The fussy, glossy style doesn't really appeal to me (nor does the surfeit of false modesty), but these expression drawings are excellent, reminiscent of that guy who does Blacksad-- plus there's commendable attention to the underlying principles too.

That artist Tracy Butler begins by knocking and mocking common goofs and cliches ("Smarm Brow" indeed) is a lot more endearing to me than all that affected self-bashing.  Ladies, can ya quit this?